I. Purpose:

To provide free medical care for the uninsured, the undocumented, the poor, and the special needs population, with a focus on the needs of the homeless.

II. History:

Muslimat Al-Nisaa, health & social services center has been providing pathways to health services through volunteers and active interventions in community health resources since 1987. Our continuum of care serves an estimated 2-3,000 individuals per year.

III. Abstract:

Homelessness is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States. The causes are complex and there is no simple solution. Lack of food, clothing, shelter and health care are problems faced by the homeless every day.
Access to even the most essential services can be difficult for the homeless within our communities. Healthcare services for the homeless and uninsured, in addition to shortages of service providers, has left many communities with inadequate or nonexistent healthcare services. One solution is for the expansion of faith-based and community organizations to facilitate the provision of healthcare services and human services programs within their communities. For many years, faith-based and community groups have been assisting people in need. Through the use of volunteer labor and organizational donations, faith-based and community clinics attempt to provide essential services not economically feasible for for-profit entities to provide.

IV. Clinic Services:

  • Primary medical services
  • Women’s health services
  • We offer blood pressure and sugar checks,
  • School eye and hearing testing,
  • Treatment of minor cuts and injuries,
  • In-house laboratory testing,
  • Immunizations.
  • Physicals of all kinds,
  • Travel vaccines,
  • Vision, dental and specialty clinic services are provided by referral

V. Summary:

The goal of the clinic has been to enhance the quality and accessibility of health services for the indigent, and to provide occupational training opportunity for shelter residents.  Seeking attention for health care becomes a low priority for women who do not know where they or their children will sleep that night, or where they will find their next meal.
The most troubling health issues for homeless women relate to violence, substance abuse, and mental health.
Inge Benevolent Ministries dba Muslimat Al Nisaa Shelter & Healthy Solutions Wellness Ministry serves as the financial support for Muslimat Al-Nisaa Shelter House.  Volunteers and donations of medical supplies are urgently needed.  Your support helps to Shelter Our Sisters!