Mother With Special Needs Son Loses Home to Fire in Baltimore

Greetings of Peace

The most common inaccuracy regarding homelessness is the thought that “it will never happen to me”. As a Baltimore resident, I am witnessing first-hand a city crying out from the grief and loss of Freddie Gray. While one mother is suffering from the senseless death of her son, another is now forced to witness the senseless loss of her home. Mrs. Porsha, a mother of a 7 year old special needs son, was rendered homeless as rioters destroyed and torched a neighboring business. Sadly, the flame spread and she was forced to watch her home and belongings burn for hours. And so as one mother to another, and someone working with the devastating effects of homelessness, I could feel her pain.

As typical news coverage focuses on the mall and other high concentration areas, individuals without insurance policies and any way to recover from their loss are left in the dark. Therefore, my family and I brought food and assisted Mrs. Porsha retrieve the few remaining items that managed to escape the fire. Although the rioters were successful in destroying her belongings, they were not able to destroy her spirit. We mothers stood outside as the housing inspector posted a sign ‘This Property is Condemned’, crying together in the knowledge that faith, hope, or charity is not.

While no one can replace their family keepsakes, we can help them get back on their feet. The family is in desperate need of store gift cards and financial help.   Muslimat Al-Nisaa is preparing a care package to give to the family and we ask for everyone to contribute however much they can. At this moment we are not requesting used goods due to their inability to store items.

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