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Inge Benevolent Ministries dba Muslimat Al Nisaa Shelter & Healthy Solutions Wellness Ministry

I. Purpose:

To provide a home to homeless Muslim women and children and Muslim women victims of Domestic Violence in a residential setting, within an established Muslim community.

II. Summary:

Facility houses, in compliance with multi-family residential zoning and Muslimat Al-Nisaa established housing guidelines, 15 – 25 homeless Muslim women and children, (dormitory style) and a Resident House Manager.

Resident House Manager Profile & Responsibilities:

  • A homeless Muslim Sister & full time volunteer.  Responsible for the onsite management, administration and other supportive services of the residential program.
  • The Muslim Women’s Shelter House is a fully furnished house containing 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and 2 dining rooms, and 2 living rooms; providing shelter to women who desire a return to or the achieving of self-sufficiency.
  • Location also contains a learning center for in-house occupational and proficiency education, a computer room, a physical fitness area, laundry facilities, a food bank, and an on-site office.

Health, counseling and other social services to be provided at:
Inge Benevolent Ministries dba Muslimat Al Nisaa Shelter & Healthy Solutions Wellness Ministry
5115 Liberty Heights Ave
Baltimore, MD  21207
(410) 466-8686  fax: (410) 466-5949

Decisions as to women accessing the facility or requested to leave shall be made by a minimum of two Shelter Committee members. When available, the Executive Director of Muslimat Al-Nisaa shall be included in this process whenever possible.

The Shelter Committee shall be supported by Muslimat Al-Nisaa’s Board of Directors and is the governing body for all activities at the shelter unit.
Shelter resident and reasons for residency will remain confidential.

III. Admission:

Before admission into the facility, the potential resident must provide references. Once references are checked, approval from at least two committee members must be obtained before the resident can move in.  Victims of Domestic Violence are exceptions to this rule and are moved in expeditiously.
Prior to moving in, all rules and regulations will be explained to the resident and a contract will be signed by both the Women’s Center and the resident ensuring that she understands and accepts regulations, responsibilities, and conditions outlined by Muslimat Al-Nisaa Organization and Women’s Shelter Program.
Residents unable to live with the regulations will be asked to vacate.