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Nurse Hero Asma

Nurse Hero
San Diego Padres Nurse Night 2019: Nurse Hero Award for Women & Children Services, Domestic Violence Advocate & Service Provider

Chaplain Asma Inge-Hanif, RN, ANP, CNM, M.S.

As the Director & Co-Founder of IBM/Al-Nisaa Healthy Solutions Medical Center, Asma Inge-Hanif has been answering the call of people in need for over 30 years—especially the homeless and uninsured—as a nurse and champion for the underprivileged. She also happens to be the daughter of John T. Inge, a native of Danville Virginia, currently residing in San Diego, California and one of the last surviving original Montford Point Marines, a man who is the recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal and in whose honor her organization is named.

Hanif originally decided to get into healthcare as a response to her maternal grandmother, who worked as a domestic for a physician but, because she lacked healthcare, died from a preventable condition. When she studied nursing at Howard University in Washington, D.C., she saw that doctors were not always sensitive to the needs and modesty concerns of Muslim women, often unintentionally.

She believes that every man, woman, and child has the right to receive quality care in a dignified manner, and to be assisted in the achievement of optimal health and well-being, regardless of race, creed, or socio-economic level. Her quest to help has driven her to establish several community outreach events, such as volunteer health services in public schools, providing health services to the homeless, women in shelters and group homes and children in foster care, and performing physicals to the mentally and physically challenged that allows them to participate in the Special Olympics. She provides free blood pressure screenings in community centers for the elderly and provides first aid stations at community health events.

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