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As salaamu alaikum,
My Dear Brother & Sisters in Islam,
Prior to umrah I sent forth an email sharing my concern for the most vulnerable population of our homeless muslim women and children.  Referencing my email, because financial support is necessary to fulfill this ‘fard khifiyah’. I began to think about what would happen to those individuals from all across the United States seeking a home specifically for those within our muslim community, individuals without any other options sent to me from everywhere both nationally and for some, even internationally, requesting my help to survive – especially victims of domestic, violence, human trafficking and refugees, faced with not just homelessness but also no safe place to escape from life threatening situations. 

Based on the magnitude of requests, necessitating too many having to be turned away secondary to the composition of their family, I know that another location in the form of a house, a duplex or best – an apartment building is needed.  
Referencing my own near death experience with covid, when someone close to me asked if I had ever made hajj or umrah and since I had not, they blessed me with a trip to perform umrah.  Know that while I was there I made dua that ALLAH(SWT) touch the hearts of all of you to sustain Muslimat Al Nisaa Shelter services that it may continue to be not only a refuge for those in need but also a sadiqah jariyah for all those who have given through the years.  Ameen!

However, my dear community, it was also my concern that should our LORD Take my soul and I not return, I wanted everyone receiving/reading my message to not allow my death to deter you from continue supporting this need as my presence in this life is not as important as caring for our homeless muslim women and children and obtaining a reward in the next life from ALLAH(SWT).  

While performing umrah my physical dis-ability was such that I required wheelchair assistance throughout.  On my last day I awakened at 4am with the desire to return to the kabah and experience performing the tawaf without wheelchair assistance.  As I wove my way through the crowds I managed to get close enough to actually touch the kabah.  In this moment of  exhilaration I passed out.  Although I had managed to maneuver thru twenty rows to get to that point, I have no idea how I returned back beyond the outer circle.  However, what I do remember is a feeling of being lifted up as if by angels.  Still not able to walk and feeling disoriented I crawled to an open space and laid down on the marble floor.  The attendants saw me and wanted to transfer me to the hospital but because my flight back to the states was the next day, I did not want to go and instead opted to be placed in a wheelchair and pushed back to my room.  Once there and with very little energy, I laid down until it was time to board the plane. 

May Allah guide us towards making this Ramadan a source for gathering numerous blessings. 

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Nullam mi massa, consequat eget rhoncus sed, egestas in nisi. Vivamus egestas sit amet orci vel hendrerit.
Nullam mi massa, consequat eget rhoncus sed, egestas in nisi. Vivamus egestas sit amet orci vel hendrerit.