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Our Story

Muslimat Al Nisaa Shelter

The Journey of Muslimat Al-Nisaa

We’re proud to share with you the inspiring journey of Muslimat Al-Nisaa, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Muslim women and children in the United States.

Our Humble Beginnings

Our story began in 1987, a time when cultural sensitivities and specific needs of the Muslim community were rarely addressed by mainstream services. Recognizing this gap, Muslimat Al-Nisaa was established with a vision to offer health, education, and social services that catered specifically to the Muslim community, focusing primarily on women and children.

Adding a New Dimension

In 2005, co-founders Asma Hanif and Dr. Maryam Funches identified a pressing concern within the community: homelessness among Muslim women and their children. This realization prompted us to extend our scope of work. The birth of our shelter program came as a response to this need, with the aim of providing a sanctuary that respects the faith and culture of our sisters, while also promoting their overall well-being.

The Muslimat Al-Nisaa HOME Center

The Muslimat Al-Nisaa HOME Center, an integral part of our expanded services, was designed to directly address the issue of homelessness within our community. Recognizing shelter as a fundamental human need, we took it upon ourselves to create a haven where our sisters could feel safe and secure.

But we didn’t stop there. We understood that to truly help our sisters overcome their challenges, we needed to foster their economic self-reliance. With this in mind, the HOME Center offers a comprehensive range of supportive services, including skills training, medical care, employment assistance, and counseling.

Moreover, we believe in the power of involvement and agency. As such, we encourage our participants to actively engage in shaping our programs, fostering a sense of ownership and empowering them in their journey towards self-reliance.

Our Continuing Journey

Today, over three decades since our establishment, we remain as committed as ever to our mission. With the support of our community and generous donors, we’ve been able to make a real difference in the lives of countless Muslim women and children. However, our journey is far from over. As long as there are sisters in need, Muslimat Al-Nisaa will continue to fight homelessness, promote dignity, and cultivate hope.

Join us on our mission, because together, we can ensure that no sister is turned away.

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What We Do

More Than A Shelter

While our signature service is the sheltering of Muslim women and children, our consistent service to undeserved populations is far more expansive. To get a better idea of our comprehensive vision, read about some of the events, services, and initiatives we provide below:

Shelter House A Home

For Muslim Women & Children

Witnessing the stigma’s associated with violence and rape, in 2007 Chaplain Asma Hanif opened her home to shelter homeless Muslim women victims of Domestic Violence, not as a discriminatory effort but to counteract the same prejudices still in existence and being highlighted in social media of today; thus only to fulfill an unmet need to assist them as they struggle to achieve their self-esteem, their self-worth and their self-sufficiency.  She receives no government money, surviving solely from the kindness of strangers.  Unable to afford both, she gave up having a personal home for herself because it was the only way to continue serving others.  Located in Baltimore, the shelter offers services within a faith-based atmosphere to help homeless Muslim women from all across the U.S. return to a state of self-sufficiency through education, employment and regaining permanent housing.

United Against Childhood

Poverty Red Nose Day Event

THE STORY: Nearly 20% of American children live in poverty.
Muslimat Al Nisaa Shelter & Inge Benevolent Ministries believes in a just world free from poverty. We reach out to the homeless, the uninsured, the undocumented, the impoverished  and those living in low income housing.

Red Nose Day is a national campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty.  Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh. On this day people all across the country unite against poverty by coming together to have fun and raise funds and raise awareness. On this day, in conjunction with the national ‘Red Nose Day’ event, Muslimat Al Nisaa/Inge Benevolent Ministries help our local children whom are unable to benefit from the national campaign by providing healthy snacks, school supplies and dental hygiene kits to 325 elementary/middle within an inner city impoverished neighborhood.  In addition, as an incentive to strive for academic excellence, toys are given to all of those whom have made the honor roll in their school.

Rescuing Refugees

Providing Sanctuary

Unique in the United States, Chaplain Asma Hanif is contacted by refugee, human rights and domestic violence organizations to accept their Muslim clients.  Rather than have them being mistreated, tortured or terrorized, she accepts all she can afford to house.  Most people in America don’t realize that there are over 43.7 million refugees and internally displaced people around the world.   

With no end to the conflicts in sight, the United Nations agency urges the offering of asylum to those whom are contacted for help.   Muslimat Al Nisaa’s organization Refugee Resettlement Program began with a goal to provide a safe haven and trauma assistance for immigrating refugee families. All referrals come from community-based organizations that serve refugees. While the refugee agencies lead in conflict-generated displacement, they do not provide shelter which is why they contact Muslimat Al Nisaa/Inge Benevolent Ministries.  After other organizations have gone through all the work of getting into them country to safety one of the first things that people need after being forced to flee their homes, whether they be refugees or internally displaced, is some kind of a roof over their head. Providing shelter is a priority and Muslimat Al Nisaa/Inge Benevolent Ministries attempts to fulfill that need; our role is at the centre of many of the world’s humanitarian emergencies.

Love Thy Neighbor

Food & Clothing Distribution

Envisioning a world free from poverty, our goal is to reach out to those underserved or marginalized due to circumstances beyond their control.  The Love Thy Neighbor philosophy begins with the belief that community responsibility is comprehensive and must meet the educational, spiritual and basic human needs of community residents. 

To inspire, empower and bring value to the community and family’s around us.we are committed to supporting the attainment of basic human needs of the less fortunate, as they work toward their ultimate goal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Feeding the Homeless

Chili Bowl Sunday 20 Year Event

Muslimat Al-Nisaa Shelter’s annual ‘Chili Bowl Sunday’ event, consists of locating and serving hot bowls of chili to those homeless on the streets, pass out cold weather clothing and toiletries and perform health screenings to those that need it.

Being mindful “THAT OUR HOMELESS HAVE NO SPECIFIC ADDRESS,” in respecting their environment, Asma Hanif travels to and sets up restaurant style at a site easily accessible to those whom are homeless near Fallsway Ave bridge underpass in Downtown Baltimore and ‘serve’ not ‘feed’ those affected with homelessness.

Being mindful THAT OUR HOMELESS HAVE NO SPECIFIC ADDRESS, we meet at a site easily accessible to those whom are homeless near Fallsway Ave bridge underpass in Downtown Baltimore where we will serve those affected with homelessness in their environment. Every year on ‘Super Bowl Sunday’, sign up to bring a pot of chili or as a volunteer to serve. If you are unable to be present, please donate to this event as we continue to help those in our community who are homeless.

Health care

for the homeless & uninsured

Nurse Hanif founded “Healthy Solutions,” clinic to serve the needy of all faiths. Healthy Solutions advocates wholistic well-being with an emphasis on the spiritual component of health, to meet the physical, spiritual and social services for those in need.

Healthy Solutions includes but not limited to volunteer health services in public schools, providing health services to the homeless, to women in shelters, to those in group homes, to those in foster care, and performing physicals to the mentally and physically challenged – allowing them to be able to participate in the Special Olympics.  Nurse Hanif provides free blood pressure screenings in community centers for the elderly and provides first aid stations at community health events.  The city canceled nurses contracts in Baltimore inner-city schools, Nurse Asma Hanif volunteered to provide physicals so students could stay in school, and off the streets.

Executive Board

Meet Our Team

Ayyub Hanif

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